Project-light lamp using range

led downlight by controlling the built-in microchip, the existing two products, one using a combination of power-type chip, the other using a single powerful chip, the former more stable performance, large single powerful product structure, suitable for small-scale cast light irradiation, which can achieve high power, long-range large area can cast light.

led downlight illumination designated to make the illuminated surface is higher than the ambient lighting, also known as the spotlight. Generally, it can aim in any direction, and with the structure not affected by weather conditions. Mainly used for large-area mine field operations, building outline, stadiums, flyovers, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc. Thus, almost all large-area lighting fixtures for outdoor use can be seen as a floodlight. Using LED light source integrated technology, according to the LED semiconductor light-emitting characteristics, clever circuit design and unique lighting geometry appearance makes Led Spotlight saving up to 80%, achieving a highly efficient energy saving. Long service life, reaching more than 50,000 hours in a variety of special circumstances, such as the use of lower temperatures can be a good, high-temperature conditions. It solves the semiconductor light source in the field of lighting power is low, the problem of insufficient brightness, showing excellent high brightness characteristics. No need ballast, no starter difficulties, perfect over-current, over voltage, short circuit, temperature, surge protection, optical performance of its lighting is brighter than 75W / 400W / 1000W metal halide, more perfect.

Common market, LED flood light is basically a choice of 1W high power LED (each LED element will be made of PMMA with a high optical efficiency of the lens, and its main function is to assign secondary light emitted from the LED, which is the secondary optics), there are a few companies because cooling technology handled well, but chose even higher power 3W LED. Suitable for large occasions cast lighting, buildings and other outdoor lighting.

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RFID tag principle of work


RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which automatically identifies the target RF signal and to obtain relevant data, identifying work without human intervention, can work in a variety of harsh environments. RFID technology can identify fast moving objects can also identify multiple tags, convenient operation.

By the coupling components and chips, each RFID tag has a unique electronic code, attached to the object to identify the target object, commonly known as electronic tags or smart labels

RFID tags: active tags, passive tags, semi-active semi-passive tags.

RFID works: After the label into the magnetic field, radio frequency signal emitted by the reader receives, by virtue of the energy obtained by induced current product information sent out (Passive Tag, passive tags or passive tags) are stored in the chip, or take the initiative to send a signal (Active Tag, active tags or active tags) frequency; reader to read and decode the information sent to the central information system about data processing.

RFID tags are widely used to people’s lives brought a lot of convenience, I believe that in the near future, it will be applied to more a more useful place. At that time, our lives will be better, people can save a lot of time to do something more meaningful.