The benefits of ceramic cup

To choose glass drinking cups and cups of ceramic material, is no doubt on this point. But ceramic Cup used to drink non-toxic, tasteless; coffee helps thermal insulation properties, ceramic mugs and what advantage?

Ceramic mug is one of our most common products, whether it is daily necessities or decorations are frequently-used ceramics. On ceramic glass, in daily life, we also use a lot, but with the development of cheap plastic cups with metal cup, use a ceramic mug is over the number declined, but ceramic mugs with plastic cups in comparison with metal cup is the most healthy. That said use ceramic Cup of water or tea-what are the benefits?

1, ceramic mugs and plastic cups compared with less harmful gases and substances from plastic cups, according to cancer experts confirmed that long-term use of plastic cups.

2, ceramic mugs are perfectly harmless, it does not like the metal cup that, long-term use will be ingestion of toxic metals may.

3, due to the presence of ceramic cups and hot metal does not directly come into contact with charcoal briquettes from on structural design eased infiltration of carbon bricks for hot metal and alkaline substances, erosion, erosion and other damage, and adopts mullite, corundum is the low thermal conductivity of advanced ceramic materials, with high resistance to erosion and erosion resistance. Eliminate the brittle layer of chunks of charcoal briquettes.

4, raises the temperature of hot metal, reducing heat loss: ceramic Cup is lower than carbon brick thermal conductivity material, compartment, thereby reducing heat through the furnace bottom and hearth out loses. Accordingly, it can maintain a high temperature molten iron, next step converter to create a good energy-saving criteria.

5, easy to complex air operation: due to the ceramic glass thermal insulation, during the blast wind, heat loss, is conducive to restoring the wind returned to normal operation.

6, preventing leakage of hot metal: due to c isotherm that is iron coagulation line close to the lining of the inner surface of the migrated close to nursing in the further expansion of the refractory residual heaving bricks have been shrunk slightly, and infiltration of molten iron is limited so that minimizes the risk of hearth burning through.

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The Origin of The Wine Bottle Opener

At present, the market Most of the wine bottle use metal or plastic envelope, but some use wax seal. So “A mechanic who wishes to do his work well must equip himself with the appropriate tools”. If you want to open a bottle of wine elegant, a handy opener is indispensable.

The structure of the opener is by the handle, the long-legged plug from short foot plug from the composition. It’s characterized is the upper end of the handle has a handle hole, long legs attached plug from the plug and short feet from the head of the lower end of the handle solid plug from the long legs and short legs inserted from the activities into the jacket. It is simple in structure, provincial material saving, low cost, affordable, and easy to use. It is a opener which opens fast, safe and convenient to carry.

Wine Opener is also known as bottle opener to open wine, from the (sub), bottles of red wine and bottle opener, belong to open a bottle of tools, its diverse uses basically only two: cut opening cap and pull out the cork.

The birth of the opener is derived from the glass bottle – cork stoppers packaging. Glass bottles – cork stoppers give the good save and slowly mature. But open the cork stoppers does need a lot of trouble. Now, pretty open wine became a professional wine division necessary skill, is also to enjoy the wine at the same time need to appreciate one.

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Ceramic cup cleaning tips

Ceramic Cup cleaning small tips not knows from when up, Cup became we life in the indispensable of part, and for Cup of select, for environmental health of considered, most will select ceramic Cup, regardless of water tea, with Shang a only fine of ceramic Cup, will let taste of process added within minutes beauty and cozy, so, ceramic Cup in people of daily ceramic in the occupy with increasingly important of location.
New bought of exquisite of Cup is let people down, but with with Cup cycle to completed mission of while, Cup also inevitable to contracted years of micro cream, coffee stains, chagou, ruthless to climbed full Cup body, these vintage old scale let many Cup of master nothing, and only anxious, based on this, many Daren weapon, hopes can let Cup recovery initially of cute, lasting Milton new!
1. using toothpaste stains: first wet the glass, then coated with the right amount of toothpaste on the inner wall of the glass, made of brush brush, then rinse, until the stubborn stain disappeared so far.
2. salt decontamination: fingers stained with the right amount of salt, then rub back and forth on the inner wall of the glass, it does not take two or three minutes, a new Cup has been able to reproduce!
3. citrus peel to remove stains: Orange broke off the orange peel is not neglected, can keep cleaning the ceramic glass, wipe the glass with orange peel \ Cup wall, if possible, plus a small amount of salt or vinegar, stains will quickly disappear.
4. the bleach in the kitchen: kitchen bleach diluted with water, then submerge the ceramic mug in it, over a period of time, put the Cup up, then rinse clean.
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