Launch New Electronic Cigarette UK

ClearSmoke, the UK’s leading Electronic Cigarette UK brand, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new generation of cartridge – the ClearSmoke e-Cig Refill. A spokesman for ClearSmoke said “We’re committed to providing customers with the very best products available. We constantly review and evaluate every aspect of the ClearSmoke e-cigarette, to provide every customer with the ultimate alternative smoking experience. The new combination cartridge + atomiser refill comes in a simple, efficient one-piece design, which is easy to assemble and available in a range of strengths and flavors. Each refill contains 1mg of nicotine and lasts around 3x longer than a traditional cartridge (0.3mg nicotine), meaning users get more smoke, for longer, without needing to replace the refill as regularly.

Every new refill includes a new atomiser, enabling users to experience peak product performance, every single time they vape. ClearSmoke e-cig refills are completely compatible with existing ClearSmoke batteries and users are able to see instantly which strength and flavour they’re using with our simple on-pack indicator. Lounge Programme subscribers will receive 12 e-cig refills each month, which is the equivalent of around 430 traditional cigarettes in place of 30 traditional ClearSmoke cartridges (the equivalent of just 360 cigarettes), all at the same great price of just £24.95 a month. That’s more vaping time for exactly the same price! The refills are available in exactly the same great range of flavors as before – Tobacco, Marlboro, Camel, Cherry and Mint, as well as a nicotine-free refill and come in Light (11mg), Medium (18mg) and Strong (24mg) options. ClearSmoke is the UK’s leading electronic cigarette brand, providing an authentic alternative to harmful tobacco and a realistic smoking sensation.

E-cigarettes allow users to smoke legally indoors anywhere, from pubs, bars and restaurants to office and aeroplanes and save up to £200 a month compared to traditional tobacco. ClearSmoke has a growing legion of fans, with over 2100 fans on Facebook and over 300 followers on Twitter. The company also has a UK Freephone customer services number and email team to deal with any queries or problems, with the team available 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm. All ClearSmoke products are internationally trademarked with the CE mark, RoHS compliance and SGS certification, which ensures they are both safe and comply with British Trading Standards and there are plans to expand the brand both nationally and internationally as demand grows for the high-quality products.

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Experience The E Cigarette UK

The concept of e-liquid popularized on the international market when E Cigarette UK or a vaporizer invented for the e-smokers. E-liquid is one of the most unfamiliar terms, but this terminology became renowned when large numbers of smokers were benefitted using vaporizer. Vaporizer which is a mere device works exclusively with the use of e-liquid. E-liquid or e-juice is the fuel and an essential part of an e-Cigarette that acts as an active ingredient for an e-Cigarette. It is the e-juice or the e-liquid that transforms into vapor to generate flavorful vapor out of the e-Cigarette. E-liquid has an important role to play and its role defines that puffing on e-Cigarette denotes as vaping. And those individuals who are the regular user of e-Cigarette they came to be known as vapers of the vaping community. Members in the vaping community are adding each day when smokers and enthusiasts are finding this beneficial in keeping them refreshed and rejuvenated.

With this notion, e-Cigarette manufacturers more than designing and launching electronic cigarettes are coming up with top-notch quality e-liquid or e-juices. Consequently, the market is found flooding with high quality branded e-juices that give best flavorful vapor and throat hitting effects. Every single day in USA, e-liquid keeps introducing on the market having flavorful vapor and right taste that vapers will get enticed with while taking each puff from the e-Cigarette. However, despite introducing larger collections of e-liquid on the market, few e-juices get recognized as best for offering cloud of flavorful vapor and best throat hitting effects. Of late, a unique e-liquid collection introduced on the market and that become the craze of all e-smokers is The Schwartz e-liquid. The Schwartz e-liquid is the first ever e-liquid company that has come up with the new flavor category, Yogurt. With this e-liquid, yogurt became the new custard flavor and surprisingly people are taking more interest in the new e-liquid series.

All the flavors of The Schwartz e-liquid has yogurt flavor, but the ingredients in the e-juice makes a difference. The Schwartz –Comb The Desert gives the taste of yogurt with creamy peanut butter and delightful hazelnut, The Schwartz – The Downside is a spot on Greek flavored yogurt e-liquid with an admixture of fresh blueberries and The Schwartz – The Upside e-liquid is a smooth creamy yogurt e-liquid with the refreshing taste of strawberries. This e-juice has now entered in all the premium vapor stores where most of the renowned vapor shops are offering this e-juice from their in-store and online stores so as to cater the product to the local as well as the national customers.  If you are a vaper, then waste time no more and get yourself the new flavor in town and make your vaping experience more enjoyable and delicious.

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Rejuvenate Your Vaping Habit With Lost Art Liquids Peanut Butter

The popularity and demand of electronic cigarette and its product and accessories impelled the e-Cigarette manufacturers to introduce large number of electronic cigarette on the market. And this consequently introduced e-liquids in different flavors with new brand names, which is the main fuel and fundamental ingredient of e-Cigarette. Almost each and every single day witnessed the launching of e-liquids on the market where renowned e-Cigarette manufacturers are turning up with new e-juice collection to brings new taste to the e-smokers’ taste bud. A new addition to the e-Cigarette market is the Lost Art liquids which are premium California, USA made e-liquid that is formulated to offer refined and savory taste of Vaping to the e-smokers.

A quality e-liquid every time comes with the perfect ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which consequently known to offer thick vapor formation and increased throat hitting effects. And this Lost Art Liquid is known for perfect blending of appropriate quantity of VG and PG. Many times the ratio of PG and VG counts on the manufacturers who possess adequate knowledge on PG and VG. And in case of Lost Art Liquid, the manufacturers include 60% PG and 40% VG to produce a balanced impact and flavor of e-juice. The Lost Art Liquids include highest pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that gives a satisfying and intense taste of vapor as long as you keep vaping e-Cigarette.

Lost Art Liquids are the new arrival on the e-Cigarette market which is prepared to fascinate the new as well as the experienced e-smokers. Lost Art Liquids have few e-liquids, but all gives tantalizing and unique flavors to the users. To name all the Lost Art Liquids, it includes Lost Art Liquids – Unicorn Puke, Lost All these flavors are unique and gives mouthwatering taste to the e-smokers while vaping. This E-liquid comes in a 0mg to 18mg nicotine strength and gets sold in a 15ml glass dripping bottle for easy addition into the e-Cigarette.

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Provide You With The Best Quality E Liquid UK

Welcome to here, the UK’s gourmet e Liquid specialists and suppliers of vape pens, e-cigarettes and vaping accessories. Whether you’re new to vaping or you’re an old hand, our mission is to provide you with the best quality E Liquid UK and e Cigs at the best possible prices. In doing so we hope we can also provide you with some excellent info about vaping related topics and maybe a bit of a giggle along the way.

We pride ourselves on our wide range of e-liquid brands and flavors – from the most cost effective, standard brands and flavors that keep us all going in between pay days, right up to the premium gourmet juices. We have USA and UK made e Liquids in a wide variety of nicotine strengths, base liquid ratios and of course flavors. We’re always on the look out for new, quality brands and will be adding more and more lines as time goes by. We also have a select range of high quality vaping devices, accessories available as well as the cig-a-likes that many people start their vaping journey with.

And we don’t stock anything that we wouldn’t be happy to use ourselves! We are proud of the service we deliver to our customers. We dispatch orders on the same working day if you order before 4:20pm. We use First Class delivery in the UK and delivery is free on orders over £20, this means nearly all our packages arrive the next working day and on Saturdays. We’re always here to answer any queries; you can contact our customer support team via telephone, email, social media or in person at our warehouse.

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Extreme April Fool’s Day Pranks Ideas With Clear Plastic Sleeve

These pranks are not for the weak. These extreme April Fool’s Day pranks are for those who wish to unleash the devil inside of them on their unsuspected love ones. Nothing says I love you better than making your love one fool like a fool and since its April Feels Day, its highly acceptable. This one can get nasty but so satisfying when you pull it off. Lift up the toilet seat lid and put a peace of clear wrap over the toilet. This is just wrong. Does your wife blow dry her hair? If she does good. Pour baby powder inside her hair blower. She will have a wonderfully powdered face by the time she is done. Warning she may leave you but the joy you may experience maybe worth it. In a place in your house without carpet rub butter onto the floor. Spread it out well so it just looks like a newly mopped floor. This will make the floor extremely slippery. Set up some water buckets nearby to make the prank for satisfying. Warning your victim could get extremely hurt. Prank at your own risk. Go to the pet store. Buy a few batches of feeder crickets. Unleash these crickets in your victim car. They will hate you. If you can think of something more terrifying than crickets go for it. Put this substance in a Clear Plastic Sleeve.

Run yourself a bath. Place a radio on the edge of the bath tub. Call your love one to the bath room. Say something like “baby, I have to ask you something”. Nonchalantly knock the radio into the bath tub. Make sure it is unplugged. Act like you are getting fried like a French fry. Splash water, put a crazy look on your face and raise your voice to a high pitch. Then just laugh it off. You can never lose with ex-lax. Make your hubby a smoothie he will never forget by adding in some liquid ex-lax. He will figure it out sooner or later. Identify your victim then get a friend to help and some fake looking blood substance. Leave the baggie open then tape it to the inside of your white shirt and walk carefully. Have your friend dressed in an all black hooded sweatshirt and bandanna mask. Have him walk up on you while you are with your victim and punch you in the stomach so the baggie exploded all over your shirt. Have them run off.  Say “I’ve been stabbed”, then pretend like you are dying then fall to the ground and die. How good is your acting? Do you have a food processor sink. Go to the prank store and buy a severed limb.

If you don’t want to buy a limb get a roast and slice one end into strips like it has been mangled. Get a roast small enough to fit in a shirt sleeve. Go Home and put the severed limb or mangled roast under your sleeve. Act like something is wrong the food processor. Say something like “what’s is wrong with this thing”. Pretend like you are trying to fix it or you could say “What is this? Who put a sock in the food processor. Whoever did it is paying to get it fixed”. Be genuinely upset. Act like you are putting the arm with the severed limb or mangled roast into the food processor and turn it own.  Stream, yell, shake and moan. After your loved one is terrified, show them your severed limb. Fake blood will increase the effect but a mangled roast will be pretty convincing. Fall to your knees clenching your severed limb, beg god for forgiveness and inform them of how much a fool they are. Super glue your victims slippers to floor. When they slip their feet in and try to walk they will immediately fall offer. I will leave this one to you. Remember to have fun.

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The Reasons To Study MBBS In China

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world having a written history of more than 4,000 years, rich culture and a respected educational tradition. That tradition continues to this day, especially in the field of medicine: China is now one of the fastest growing destinations for international students studying medicine in the world. In order to guarantee a high-quality and standardized educational experience for international students, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) first published the ‘Interim Provisions for Quality Control Standards in Undergraduate Medical Education’ in English for international students in 2007. It is now reviewed and published annually. It lists the 49 medical schools which have been authorized by the Chinese government to accept international MBBS students. Institutions that are not listed are not permitted to enroll international students for undergraduate clinical medical programs in English. In recent years, a lot of students from different parts of world are also opting China for medical education. Last year, many students Study In China, most of them selecting MBBS In China.

You may have the doubts on why they unhesitatingly to choose China as their medical career starting way, it is believed that the following are the beneficial reasons. Eligible for any medical licensing examination. The 49 approved medical schools are public universities under the supervision of the Chinese Government. All are listed in the World Health Organization (WHO)’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”. This listing means that graduates are eligible to attend national medical screening tests such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, SCHS, etc. Graduate with a globally recognize medical degree. On completing the requirements of the teaching program and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the university. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). International students can take your graduate diploma and required documents to the embassy of your home country for accreditation if needed.

On par with western higher education in medicine. Most of China’s medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and highly reputed for being at the forefront of the field of modern medicine. Moreover, English-medium MBBS programs have been taught for years, and there are now lots of graduates pursuing a further education in China or being a doctor in their own country. According the students’ actual requirements, each university will develop its own featured teaching system and course schedule based on the national standard regulations. Easy getting admission to a top medical university. Compared with some universities or colleges in US, UK, Europe, even India and Pakistan, it is so easy to get admission by a top rank China’s university to study MBBS. Furthermore, the entrance requirements for bachelor’s medicine study in China are also much lower than any other countries. By choosing China, you can avoid the burden of fierce competition or heavy application pressure.

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To Get ECIGS Accessories At Low Cost

These are devices that look like normal cigarettes and give the same kind of satisfaction, but without the unnecessary side effects or health problems because the cartridges used in ECIGS do not have tar or toxins. Second-hand smoke is a cause of concern because it has been noted to bring about health problems later. Using ECIGS can help you to avoid this because nicotine vapor is light and it dissolves quickly in the air. Normal cigarette smoke has carcinogenic elements that affect health negatively and as a result they cannot be used in public places where a lot of people come and gather around. ECIGS do not pollute the environment and are permitted even in places where smoking is banned. Using an e-cigarette prevents you from succumbing to the hazard of more than 4000 toxins and also saves you from the problem of getting stained teeth, finders, hands, or using a lighter or an ashtray.

Those looking for a way to quit smoking should check out e-cigarettes. There are many accessories available through which you can stylize use of your ECIG devices. You can find quite a variety of accessories available in the market and they include E-Cigarette Cases, E-Cigarette Batteries, E-Liquid, and E-Cigarette Charger. You can use them to enhance the way you make use of the ECIG device. Let’s take a look at each of these accessories in more detail. E-Cigarette Cases are available in leather material or metallic material. They are available in many different styles and colors. The ECIG device is powered up with E-Cigarette Batteries, which are usually the rechargeable type.

E-Liquid or E-Juice is used to fuel the device and it is available in many different flavors such as coffee, caramel, cherry, mint, and so on, in addition to the usual tobacco flavor. The ECIG device needs to be powered up with an E-Cigarette Charger. Chargers are also available in the form of car chargers that can be used to power up the device from the car itself. Chargers are also available in the form of wall chargers, USB chargers, car to USB adapters and so on. You will find ECIG accessories available in different styles and prices. It is important to check out as many accessories and make comparisons between accessory features and prices to find one that will enhance usage of the ECIG device in the fullest possible way and also provide comfort in carrying and utility.

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Guidelines To Organizing Your Home Or Office With Clear Plastic Sleeve

The notion of organizing your home or office with clear plastic sleeve may sound silly at first, but once you have finished reading this article it will all make a lot more sense. It is indeed possible to clean up a lot of your smaller possessions, all without having to spend a fortune on extra furniture. A clear plastic sleeve can be used for more than storing shoes. For instance, a Clear Plastic Sleeve can hold anything from wish cards and scented candles, to toys and kitchen gadgets. While buying paperboard and plastic boxes is easy, you will have to follow certain guidelines to make sure you are buying the right ones. Never buy boxes without good closable lids. You need the lids to keep the dust out, and nice fragrances in. If you want to stack one clear plastic sleeve on top of another, it will go much easier if your boxes are properly sealed. Clearance sales are fun, but that does not mean you have to be reckless.

A chipped or cracked clear plastic sleeve will not last as long, and will not keep your valuables as secure as you had hoped for. Do not buy water damaged boxes either, as they will not keep their shape when in use. Collect all the items you want to organize before you order your plastic boxes.  It will give you a fair idea about how many boxes you should order. Check the clear plastic sleeve sizes your retailer has listed online. Buying all your boxes in the same size will make it easier to stack them. Always order a few extra storage boxes. When going through your possessions, chances are that you will find items you missed the first time you cleaned out your drawers, cupboards, and closets. You may also collect more knacks in the future. Finding the exact same boxes in a few years may be harder than you think, as styles and color change. Select clear plastic sleeve shades that match your interior. While most of your boxes may be stored away in closets, your basements, the attic, or your garage, you may decide to keep some in plain sight.

Going home with damaged boxes is like throwing money down the drain. For instance, a gloss gold or silver clear plastic sleeve can be used to store Christmas cookies. They can also hold gifts for under the Christmas tree. All cardboard or plastic boxes should be labelled. Even a clear box should have a content tag. It will save you a lot of time searching through all your boxes when you are looking for a specific item. Use bright labels and clear writing. Place the labels so you can see them at first glance. Having them on the side facing the closet wall is not going to do you any good. Never hesitate to contact your box supplier. Being familiar with the industry, your clear plastic sleeve provider and his trained staff members will have many great recommendations for you. Packaging and plastic box suppliers can generally be reached by email or phone. They will gladly answer any question you may have.

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Study MBBS In China For More

According to “Open Doors 2008,” a report released by the Institute of International Education, the number of Americans studying abroad has jumped 150 percent over the last decade. In 2006-2007 almost a quarter of a million Americans headed abroad to study–compared to fewer than 100,000 for 1996-1997. While increased cross-cultural awareness among college-bound students has contributed to overseas enrollment, foreign recruiters are noticing another contributing factor. This fall, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling conference in Seattle hosted representatives from the University of Waikato in New Zealand, Seoul National University in South Korea, Jacobs University Bremen in Germany, and the University of Limerick in Ireland. Their goal: to fill university seats with qualified applicants. If you’re interested in Study In China, you may be wondering the MBBS In China. One difference is a more focused approach to study. American universities emphasize a well-rounded education, which means that if you’re studying medicine, you may still have to suffer through a course on postcolonial literature. In contrast, foreign universities sometimes offer early specialization, allowing you to skip the coursework that doesn’t interest you.

Sam Dresser, a freshman at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh, found his niche in logic, psychology, and introductory philosophy courses after reading Sartre and Nietzsche in high school. While Dresser discovered his path, the Scottish university system still allows for exploration outside of his specialty. English Universities offer an even more specialized approach, generally requiring three years of coursework. If you already have an idea of what you’d like to study, English or Scottish universities might be an ideal choice for you. In addition to a narrower academic track, many foreign schools offer international experience and training comparable to the American Ivy League at a significantly lower cost. At Scotland’s St. Andrews University, where enrollment of American students recently jumped to 1,230, up from less than 200 a decade ago, many students end up paying tuition comparable to out-of-state tuition at an American public university. Although competition is tight for students of host nations, Americans often have an easier time landing seats at foreign universities. According to Stephen Magee, St Andrews’ vice principal, “Am I wrong to say I don’t care if they can’t get into Harvard?” If you decide to study abroad, the weak dollar means you may have to consider your wallet. For an economical study-abroad experience, there are a few strategies to help you keep your costs down.

This might mean considering places outside of Western Europe and the industrialized world. According to “Open Doors 2008,” American students are gravitating toward less expensive options. During 2006-2007, the number of American’s studying in China stood at 11,064–an increase of by 20 percent over the previous year. Compare that to the 1995-96 academic year, when only 1,396 Americans chose China for study abroad programs. Asia at large saw an increase of 20 percent, while the number of Americans studying in Africa increased by 19 percent. For Middle Eastern and Latin American programs, the increase stood at 7 percent. Although many Americans have elected to go abroad for the full course of their degree programs, financial expediency might make it difficult for you to stay abroad a full four years. All the same, you can still enjoy a richly rewarding experience–at a fraction of the cost–by keeping your study abroad time short. According to “Open Doors 2008,” about 36 percent of Americans who study abroad go for only a semester, while 55 percent choose short-term programs. Short-term programs can range from a summer, to a January term, or any program from two to four eight weeks during the academic year.  Short term programs serve the largest number of students studying abroad, including students of community colleges, or students with financial needs that prevent them from staying abroad for extended periods of time. With foreign recruiters on the hunt, enrollment up among American expats, and economical options for study abroad gaining in popularity, you should have plenty of strategies to help you travel the world on a shoestring.

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Five Ways To Classify The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Companies that manufacture various types of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit have seen the need to categorize these types of electronic cigarette starter kit. This is in response to the fact that smokers come with different preferences, based on their lifestyle, social status, financial standing, and even personality.  Different brands or models of electronic cigarette starter kit may be specially made as a careful consideration to these classifications: Individual’s Cigarette Consumption. A smoker may be categorized as light, moderate, or heavy smoker. A heavy smoker can take much nicotine and more cigarette sticks than a moderate or light smoker. This means that this individual’s electronic cigarette starter kit should contain either more pre-filled E-Liquid cartridges or a spare E-Liquid bottle for refillable cartridges.

Depending on the brand, one pre-filled cartridge may equal, more or less, to 20 tobacco cigarette sticks or a pack of the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The E-Liquid solution affects the nicotine content in a refilled cartridge. The smoker can customize the amount of nicotine in an E-Liquid solution. The rechargeable battery can be charged in various ways. Some brands offer a built-in charging of the battery in the case of an electronic cigarette starter kit. The battery charges while the electronic cigarette starter kit is inside your pocket. That is convenience at its best. The electronic cigarette’s battery can be charged through USB, using an adapter. AC chargers and Car charges can also be used to charge the battery. Those who choose the pre-filled cartridges have a 2-piece electronic cigarette. This is because the cartridge is already connected to the atomizer in one piece. The connector is called a “cartomizer”. Pre-filled cartridges have a definite E-liquid solution. If the individual chooses refillable cartridges, for the reason of saving money, that person also has the benefit of regulating how much drip of E-Liquid he places in the cartridge.

The person’s electronic cigarette starter kit may contain an E-liquid bottle with a dropper or syringe. Other brands offer numerous cartomizers, batteries, and chargers good for many people, like for group or friends of family. This “group” design is for social purposes, so that one can offer electronic cigarettes to the people who surround him. This is ideal for social gathering, meeting, or dating. If you are a regular smoker, you would always carry that electronic cigarette starter kit with you. The contents and design should reflect your personality. If you are sociable, your kit should have more batteries and cartridges, so you can offer a person you’re with an electronic cigarette. If you are more adventurous, you could prepare cartridges filled with different flavors of E-Liquid.

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