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ECIG By Numbers

On the average, millions of people try to quit smoking every year. Among those who try, only about ten prevent are successful in dropping the habit. Sadly, an average of 9 out of 10 smokers say they started the vice before they were 18 years old.  It’s rather ironic how people are fully aware of the health detriments that smoking causes, and yet so many are still hooked on tobacco. At the same time, quitting has become one of the primary goals of most smokers, and yet the product is so addictive that it doesn’t allow traversing the path towards stopping to be a pleasant and smooth journey.  Knowing that quitting smoking is possible, countless efforts have been made to make the rehabilitation process less taxing on smokers. One such devise that has risen in popularity over the years is the ECIG. The nicotine patch and gum have taken a backseat to the ECIG in recent years.

The reason behind this is that the nicotine fix is the only craving that the patch and gum are able to compensate for. Meanwhile, the ECIG allows smokers to go through the motions of actually smoking, and inhale and exhale the vapor it emits.  In Europe alone, over 300,000 smokers have made the switch to ECIG smoking over traditional cigarettes because it promises to be a healthier alternative for a vice that many cannot shake.  This electronic replacement for the cigarette eliminates more than 3,000 known bad chemicals from the smoking experience, while still being able to satisfy the cravings of the average smoker. At the same time, the convenience of an ECIG being odorless and smoke free allows for it to be used anywhere and at any time, and this makes it even more appealing to heavy smokers who can get their fix whenever they need it. It can also be noted that the cost to maintain an ECIG is significantly less than the total cost of cigarette packs purchased on a monthly basis.

In fact, some have reported a whopping 50-80 percent savings since switching to the ECIG. With the numbers laid down this way, it is easy to see why many choose the use the ECIG, despite the fact that there has been only a minimal effort on quality control and regulation over the years. While the total safety of the product is still in question, and the legality of the ECIG has been the subject of much debate worldwide, many smokers are still encouraged to shift to this healthier alternative.  At the end of it all, if millions of smokers who are unable to quit cold turkey substitute smoking cigarettes for their electronic counterpart, it would do a world of good for them in the health department and for the environment as well.  Notably, nearly 50 percent of smokers who shift to electric cigarettes quit entirely over a period of six months to a year, and this statistic alone should be enough to encourage heavy smokers in particular to try it out for themselves.

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Reasons Behind The Growth Of ECIG Market

Why buy ECIG anyway? Isn’t it not all about the satisfaction gained from smoking? Is there any real and meaningful difference between the ECIG  and the normal cigarette persons are used to? These are among the many questions surrounding the ECIG . The results have per great deal spoken for them. It’s never the same again when an individual gets a test of the ECIG  being it a starter or one looking for means to give up the habit. From the appearance, ECIG  look more or less the traditional cigarette. However the test, smell and flavor make the many different. Made up of the battery, the atomizer and a cartridge, ECIG  is unique in itself. Heating coil in the atomizer part of ECIG  is the main part. Try to buy ECIG and realize how common has it been in the modern days. But why are these aspects? ECIG  is a tobacco free making it healthy in a great deal.

Smoking tobacco in normal cigarette one inhales over hundred chemicals thus complicating his or her respiratory system just to mention one among the many effects. Normal cigarette not only harms the smoker but greatly plays a role in environmental pollution. ECIG  has no smoke thus passive smoking is never an issue. Buy ECIG as nothing is burned. This puts ECIG  beyond the tobacco legislation regulations as they carry no fire hazard. One can enjoy ECIG  anywhere even in public unlike the normal cigarettes. ECIG  produce very little smell if any. Furthermore, the smoke produced is hard to note and easily diffuses out making it hard to identify a ECIG  smoker. Contradictory, traditional cigarette smokers are easily noted from the smell vapor and breathe which non smokers never lie. Smoking ECIG  is not only healthy but also economical. No light, no matchbox and no ash trays. Individuals have reported over 50% cut in smoking budget upon embarking on ECIG  smoking. Furthermore buy ECIG and realize how easy it is to give up smoking.

Different variety of ECIG  exists with different strengths of flavor thus making it easy for one to take the various graduals in an attempt to stop smoking. Smoking is unclean from the smoke, smell, lighters and ashtrays all over. ECIG  give the cleanliness aspect because they don’t require and of these. This makes it even healthier. Myths have it that the design gives a sense of satisfaction to the smoker. ECIG  manufacturers have greatly considered this and as a result made it in similar design with the normal cigarette. Using gums as well as nicotine patches take away this sense. It’s another aspect of why on using buy ECIG. It should also be noted that ECIG  come in different flavors thus enabling the smoker to choose his or her best from a great variety. Unlike the ECIG , normal cigarettes have no different flavors but only types which give the ECIG  a milestone over them.

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