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Launch New Electronic Cigarette UK

ClearSmoke, the UK’s leading Electronic Cigarette UK brand, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new generation of cartridge – the ClearSmoke e-Cig Refill. A spokesman for ClearSmoke said “We’re committed to providing customers with the very best products available. We constantly review and evaluate every aspect of the ClearSmoke e-cigarette, to provide every customer with the ultimate alternative smoking experience. The new combination cartridge + atomiser refill comes in a simple, efficient one-piece design, which is easy to assemble and available in a range of strengths and flavors. Each refill contains 1mg of nicotine and lasts around 3x longer than a traditional cartridge (0.3mg nicotine), meaning users get more smoke, for longer, without needing to replace the refill as regularly.

Every new refill includes a new atomiser, enabling users to experience peak product performance, every single time they vape. ClearSmoke e-cig refills are completely compatible with existing ClearSmoke batteries and users are able to see instantly which strength and flavour they’re using with our simple on-pack indicator. Lounge Programme subscribers will receive 12 e-cig refills each month, which is the equivalent of around 430 traditional cigarettes in place of 30 traditional ClearSmoke cartridges (the equivalent of just 360 cigarettes), all at the same great price of just £24.95 a month. That’s more vaping time for exactly the same price! The refills are available in exactly the same great range of flavors as before – Tobacco, Marlboro, Camel, Cherry and Mint, as well as a nicotine-free refill and come in Light (11mg), Medium (18mg) and Strong (24mg) options. ClearSmoke is the UK’s leading electronic cigarette brand, providing an authentic alternative to harmful tobacco and a realistic smoking sensation.

E-cigarettes allow users to smoke legally indoors anywhere, from pubs, bars and restaurants to office and aeroplanes and save up to £200 a month compared to traditional tobacco. ClearSmoke has a growing legion of fans, with over 2100 fans on Facebook and over 300 followers on Twitter. The company also has a UK Freephone customer services number and email team to deal with any queries or problems, with the team available 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm. All ClearSmoke products are internationally trademarked with the CE mark, RoHS compliance and SGS certification, which ensures they are both safe and comply with British Trading Standards and there are plans to expand the brand both nationally and internationally as demand grows for the high-quality products.

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Eliquid Smokers In The USA

Smoking costs the U.S. billions of dollars annually, the Centers for Disease Control estimates an employee with the bad habit costs and employer 18-percent more. Smoking is known as a costly bad habit, now it could end up costing you even more. As long as you stay away from these, and try your very best to use the device as a tool to quit smoking for good (the most important factor), I’d say yes, e-cigarettes are the lesser evil. E-cigarette, patches and nicotine gum all get their nicotine from tobacco, and wherever you get your nicotine, the problems associated with growing tobacco are the same. Think child labor on tobacco farms in developing countries, pesticide pollution – including over 25 million pounds of pesticides every year on American tobacco alone. Here we got one of Eliquid shared by e cigarette.

In an effort to save money and encourage living a health lifestyle more and more area employers are taking action. I’ve yet to see any certified organic e-cigs, or nicotine gum for that matter. My partner came home from a recent poker night thrilled that the room wasn’t filled with the blurry smoke of guys sneaking cigarettes away from their families but instead was full of e-smokers. Were they accidental environmentalists, too? Are e-cigs actually a greener choice for nicotine-heads? Electronic cigarettes are produced by a huge number of companies, with varying qualities and price range. Consumers who are new to the trend can find an excellent source of information and a reviews of different e cigarette to help them determine which is the best electronic cigarette for them here.

The site also offers many valuable coupons, user testimonials and even a risk-free trial kit for the novice smokeless cigarette consumer. E-cigarettes work by superheating a liquid nicotine solution to create a vapor similar to smoke, but without the dangerous chemicals and carcinogens. They come in a wide range of flavors such as cherry, chocolate, vanilla, menthol and traditional tobacco flavor. Electric cigarettes are sold in a wide range of retail outlets, from traditional tobacco stores, to mall kiosks to geeky toy stores and online websites, it seems there’s no lack of places to buy e-cigarette.

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