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Rejuvenate Your Vaping Habit With Lost Art Liquids Peanut Butter

The popularity and demand of electronic cigarette and its product and accessories impelled the e-Cigarette manufacturers to introduce large number of electronic cigarette on the market. And this consequently introduced e-liquids in different flavors with new brand names, which is the main fuel and fundamental ingredient of e-Cigarette. Almost each and every single day witnessed the launching of e-liquids on the market where renowned e-Cigarette manufacturers are turning up with new e-juice collection to brings new taste to the e-smokers’ taste bud. A new addition to the e-Cigarette market is the Lost Art liquids which are premium California, USA made e-liquid that is formulated to offer refined and savory taste of Vaping to the e-smokers.

A quality e-liquid every time comes with the perfect ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which consequently known to offer thick vapor formation and increased throat hitting effects. And this Lost Art Liquid is known for perfect blending of appropriate quantity of VG and PG. Many times the ratio of PG and VG counts on the manufacturers who possess adequate knowledge on PG and VG. And in case of Lost Art Liquid, the manufacturers include 60% PG and 40% VG to produce a balanced impact and flavor of e-juice. The Lost Art Liquids include highest pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that gives a satisfying and intense taste of vapor as long as you keep vaping e-Cigarette.

Lost Art Liquids are the new arrival on the e-Cigarette market which is prepared to fascinate the new as well as the experienced e-smokers. Lost Art Liquids have few e-liquids, but all gives tantalizing and unique flavors to the users. To name all the Lost Art Liquids, it includes Lost Art Liquids – Unicorn Puke, Lost All these flavors are unique and gives mouthwatering taste to the e-smokers while vaping. This E-liquid comes in a 0mg to 18mg nicotine strength and gets sold in a 15ml glass dripping bottle for easy addition into the e-Cigarette.

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